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Dartz Alpha offers "soft tip" NDA sanctioned dart leagues located in the Sycamore-Dekalb, IL area. We have two Vegas dart leagues held in the fall. Tuesday nights is Vegas League and is open to anyone (male and female). Wednesday nights is Women's Vegas League. Some restrictions apply to Vegas Leagues. Thursday night is a Doubles League open to anyone. We also have a 4 person team summer league as well. Other leagues may start at different dates throughout the year.

We help host many tournaments throughout the year Check the events section for dates, location and signup times. Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news. Don't forget to also check out our facebook page to see photos from events and connect with people from the league.

If you want more information about leagues, tournaments, starting a team, or if you are a bar owner and would like to sponser a team please contact us.

Designed by: Bryan Jenkins


Dartz Alpha League Rules

Player Responsibilities

First and foremost is good sportsmanship and common sense!! If these traits are followed everyone will have fun and enjoy the competition. Players participating in Dartz Alpha Leagues will abide by Dartz Alpha Rules & Signed Player Agreement.

A player may shoot from the location designated by the floor marker or anywhere from behind the line, left or right, that room permits and not interfere with other players shooting. Player may step on the line but not over it. However, you may lean over the line.

*** Any player, regardless of handicap, may be allowed to take a 501 game out in 9 Darts or more. However, no less than 9 darts will be allowed.

Each player is entitled to three darts per round. If the dart machine should steal a dart during your turn, back up the machine to the missing dart and finish your turn. If the preceding player accidentally causes the machine to remove a dart, back up the machine and start your turn. If a thrown dart misses the board entirely or does not stick, it is still counted as a throw. A dart thrown that does not score but sticks in the target MAY be manually scored. No credit may be given for a dart that does not stick in the target and does not register a score. A misregistered dart that sticks in the target may be backed up on the machine and corrected.

It is the players responsibility to ensure they are shooting in the proper order.

If a player shoots out of turn: 1) Back up the machine to erase the throw. 2) The offending player loses his/her turn. 3) If a player ends the game shooting out of turn, that player’s team loses the game.

No dart should be thrown until the machine instructs "Throw Darts". Any dart thrown early is counted as a throw and the shooter loses that dart. Darts in the target should not be removed until your round is over and machine instructs "Remove Darts". It’s each players responsibility to ensure their round is ready for them to throw. If a player should activate a score for the prior position because the machine had not switched positions, those points remain for the prior player and the thrower will only get whatever darts they have left to shoot for that round.

If a player activates a score for the next player’s position while pulling out their darts, that shooter’s partner (two scores, doubles) or the shooter (singles game) loses their entire next round. A player may pass any or all dart in any turn.

Players may use bar darts or custom darts as long as they have plastic tips and individually do not exceed 18 grams in weight.

Player in any league will be responsible for their league fees and credits to play games for matches. Team fees and credits must be paid into machine before match is set up.

Opposing players may not interfere with opponents throw. Example…by pressing the player change button without the other team’s permission. By throwing a dart at the board during opponents throw. The team with offending player will lose that game.

If a player shoots 10 ppd above or below their season average for the match, that persons team will lose all games the offending player played that match. The opposing team will only win those games, which they actually won for that night.

Abuse to machine will result in expulsion, and player responsible will pay any and all damages incurred to the machine. Player may be prosecuted for damages to machine or bar property.

NO FIGHTING WILL BE TOLLERATED! It will be grounds for automatic expulsion from the league, and up to the officers to reinstate the player the following season.

Team Responsibilities

The most players any team may have on their roster are eight. (Vegas Leagues Only) Once a player has played a match for a team, the player cannot play for another team. (Vegas Leagues Only) The team captain has the option of playing any four players he/she chooses for a match. Once selected they must play the entire match. If a team adds a player that would exceed the eight-person limit, the captain must identify which person from their roster will be removed. That player may not return to that team in for that league, for the remaining season.

All Dartz Alpha Leagues are sanctioned with NDA. Currently, the NDA requires an $8.00 fee per person. This fee must be paid at the beginning of the league season by all players. If adding a new non-sanctioned player as a sub, drop personal info and $8.00 NDA Sanction Fee off at Ski’s to the bartender after the match is completed. ***DO NOT PUT $8.00 NDA SANCTION FEE IN DARTBOARD***

No player that has shot for their team will be allowed to switch teams. However, a player that HAS NOT PLAYED for their team MAY switch teams up to six weeks before the end of the season.

***For the 2020-21 Ladies league, roving subs may be used. Roving subs may play on any team any time throughout the season.

A "New" sub without an established average will be entered in board with 0.0 averages for "01 & Cricket. A new player may establish averages by pre-playing 10 - ’01 games & 5 Cricket games. Games must be documented by teammates, league players or Officers. Teammates may play games with new player establishing averages.

Captains may add a new player to their roster any time during the season - up to the season ending six-week cutoff date. If during the final six weeks a captain needs to add a player because they permanently lost a starting player, you may petition your league and request an exception for your team.

For your team to qualify for the Vegas trip, whether by winning a berth or by winning the Wild Card, you must have two members of the original team making the trip.

Match Rules

Starting time for Open Team on Tuesday’s & Ladies on Wednesday’s is 7:00pm. Starting time for Doubles on Sunday’s is 6:00PM. (Unless different start time is noted on schedule) Captains may agree on different start time. Teams will be allowed 15 minutes to show with no penalty. At that time the team not present will forfeit one game for every 10 minutes they are late, up to 3 games. If the other team has not shown up by this time (45 minutes after match start time) without communication, they forfeit the match. If extenuating circumstances exist, the match may still be played with consent of both captains (See Captain Responsibilities) or rescheduled within two weeks. (If rescheduling, please notify an officer or Kevin Gilmore) Some circumstances may require longer time frames to make up a match. Team Captains only should communicate together and involve a League Officer if more than two weeks is needed. A reschedule date should be solidified on the night of the scheduled match. Pre-played matches are encouraged if you know there is a conflict on a scheduled night.

***A rescheduled date must be set within 2 weeks from scheduled match date. Both team captains will be in communication to set a date. Substitute players can be used for rescheduled matches If a date cannot be set, both captains must talk to League officers to resolve issue. If issues are still present, League officers will decide to extend date for rescheduling match and in extreme situations forfeit the match.

Home Captain of rescheduled match shall notify location of rescheduled date and time. This will ensure the location will be staffed for your rescheduled match.

Double Header (due to reschedule) is for last resort if a make-up date cannot be agreed upon. Double Headers will not be allowed the last four weeks of the season. All matches must be completed before the last scheduled night of the season.

-Double header is defined as two matches being played side by side at the same time

Once a match has started, no playing / warm up will be allowed on a different board. Make-up matches must have prior approval of 2 league officers if playing a double header or making up a match from another league.

If a team cannot field four players the team the team may compete with only three players under the "351" rule. When setting the player rotation at the beginning of the match the captain will add a new player by: choosing the NUMBER "351" as the missing player’s identity. Each game the "351" is scheduled to shoot, Captain must manually lower score to "351" in the first round. Captain will push player change button for "351" player for the remainder of the game. "351" Cricket games, the Captain will push player change button to pass the turn when "351" is scheduled to shoot.

If a team starts a match with all four players and for some reason one of the players must leave the match, that team will finish the match playing under the "351" rule for the missing player. If starting handicap is lower than "351" the handicap is used for the missing player the rest of the match)

If a team starts a match with only 3 players and one has to leave the match before it’s over the following occurs: Team wins and losses stay as played to that point. The team forfeits the balance of games not played with only two players remaining.

In doubles leagues, if a team Starts with 2 players and a player leaves, the following occurs: Team wins and losses stay as played to that point. The team forfeits the balance of games not played with only one player remaining

If teams competing for a Vegas trip or a team trophy (higher spot) have identical win/loss records at season end the following applies: The "Heads Up" play between those two teams will determine which team will win the higher spot. The better records win. If "Heads Up" play between those two teams is even, both captains will meet with Kevin Gilmore and a coin toss will determine home team. One game of 701 will be played. All team members shoot on same score, no handicap.

If three or more teams tie for a Vegas trip or team trophy the win/loss records for those teams competing only against each other will be totaled. The team with the most wins against those teams involved in the tie will win the trip and/or trophy. If the top two teams tie for wins, then we revert to above paragraph.

If the dartboard should happen to end a game because the dart thrown registered wrong, the dartboard is correct. This is "The Board Never Lies" rule. A winning dart cannot be backed up in the machine. If both Captains agree, manually score the rest of the game on paper and finish the game. Both Captains must agree. Example…Team A needs two bullseyes to win. Player on Team A hits a single bullseye and it registers as a double bullseye. Team A wins the game. The board never lies. If manual scoring is agreed upon by captains and the winning team is different than the board registered, let Kevin Gilmore know and it will be corrected in the stats.

If a team forfeits a match they lose all games for that match. Winning team by forfeit will be on the winning side of a split. Example…17 game matches, winning team gets 9 wins. 13 game matches, winning team gets 7 wins.

Any team forfeiting two matches will be dropped from the league, pending officers review. No money will be refunded.


All fully completed rounds played will remain in records. If a team forfeits two matches only the round currently being played will have standings and feats removed from the record. All team and individual records with teams played - in that round only - will be eliminated from the records.

Captain Responsibilities

The Captain should understand ALL league rules and make sure their players do as well in case the Captain cannot make a match.

If any team wishes to reschedule a match because of inclement weather conditions the other Captain MUST honor that wish and reschedule the match as soon as possible. If weather IS NOT an issue and a team wishes to reschedule for whatever reason, the other captain has the option of doing so or not. However, there are circumstances that arise that are out of our control. Accidents, traffic, work related issues, deaths, etc. These are things out of anyone’s control. In these circumstances, a reschedule or delay in start should happen. Captains must agree on this situation and they should involve an officer. We haven’t had many rescheduled matches over the years but there are times when there are some very legitimate reasons for a team to wish to do so. Life happens and we are all adults and should work together as much as possible.

If a machine should malfunction during league play the two captains must decide whether to 1) continue play on that board 2) relocate to another league location that has an open board with that league info 3) reschedule the match to a different time. If the match is interrupted by a machine malfunction and that match cannot be completed, the ENTIRE match must be played over because no match results can be retrieved from a malfunctioning machine.

Protest Procedure and Ruling

The first and most important thing to remember is the ruling of the league officers is FINAL. We as league members having elected the officers concede to them the right to pass judgement they feel is fair to both parties and in the best interest of the league in general.

If a protest should involve a league officer or member of their team, that officer will not have a vote on the protest.

We can only accept protests involving issues that are controlled by the league. (Example of some issues we cannot control…someone barred from a location or non-league customers distracting shooters.)

The team protesting MUST pay a $25.00 protest fee. Include with the $25.00 a written explanation of the problem to an officer or Kevin Gilmore THAT NIGHT! NO protest will be allowed after the league night is over. If the team protesting wins their protest, they will have their $25.00 refunded. If they lose their protest, the $25.00 will go into the league fund.

The two captains will be called to arrange a meeting as soon as possible with league officers. Only the Captains will be allowed to attend this meeting. If the Captain cannot attend, he/she must designate one member of their team to be present the night of the protest meeting.

After both sides have presented, the officers will recess to discuss the issue. When the officers have reached their decision, they will have both captains rejoin them and explain the ruling. The ruling will stand as stated with both captains abiding by it.

If the protest ruling covers an issue that should be incorporated into our rules to eliminate similar future problems - it will be.

General Information

Team and player standings reports as well as all information players need to know will be updated weekly on the dartboards at all league locations. On Facebook @DartzAlphaLeague. Our website www.DartzAlpha.com

Ranking of teams weekly will be based on the teams winning percentage.

All League money will be kept in a bank account during the season. All league money will be refunded in Vegas trips, Trophies, prize money and league entertainment ceremonies minus expenses incurred to run the league.

***Indicates Added or Revised rule for new season

Dartz Alpha Player Agreement Form

(This form will be in roster packet & add’l forms will be in captain’s packets for new subs)

Must be signed and returned to Dartz Alpha with Roster Sheet and NDA Sanction fees. Failure to complete and return agreement may be grounds for deletion from the league and forfeiture of all awards, prizes, cash payouts, or recognition due yourself and your team.

I agree to abide to the league rules to the best of my abilities and understanding of the rules. Further, I agree to conduct myself in such a manner as not to bring into question the integrity or respectability of The NDA and Dartz Alpha, the Charter Holder.

I understand and agree my responsibilities toward the league and toward teams in the league. I understand that I am responsible for my own sanction fees, weekly fees and quarter drop for league play. I agree to provide these fees on a timely basis and further agree not to ask, harass or otherwise expect the sponsor, Team Captain or Charter holder to provide these fees for me.

I agree if my Team is a Qualifying Team for Team Dart in Las Vegas, funds allocated by Dartz Alpha will be used for Team Dart. I understand funds allocated by Dartz Alpha are not intended for a cash prize. If I am not able to attend Team Dart my spot is forfeited to another player able to attend.

I agree to adhere to the Dartz Alpha League locations Covid19 procedures & rules while participating in league play.

I agree not to abuse the equipment provided for league play. I understand that if I do, I will be held responsible for any damage done to the machine.

League: ____________________________________________________________

Team Name: ________________________________________________________

Team Captain ______________________ Sign _____________________________

Player ____________________________ Sign _____________________________

Player ____________________________ Sign _____________________________

Player ____________________________ Sign _____________________________

Player ____________________________ Sign _____________________________

Player ____________________________ Sign _____________________________

Player ____________________________ Sign _____________________________

Player ____________________________ Sign _____________________________

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